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Bronkaid by Bayer Corporation

Package Size: 24 Caplets
Bronkaid is discontinued by manufacturer
Please try Pure Ephedrine HCL 25mg (without Guafensein).


Use Bronkaid - Dual Action Formula for relief of bronchial congestion and bronchial asthma. Bronkaid restores free breathing and loosens phlegm. There are 24 coated caplets in each box.


Adults, take one caplet every 4 hours as needed. Do not exceed 6 caplets in 24 hours or as directed by a doctor.

Bronkaid temporarily relieves:

shortness of breath, tightness in chest, wheezing and cough associated with bronchial asthma, helps loosen phlegm (mucus) and thin bronchial secretions, helps to rid the bronchial passageways of bothersome mucus and drain bronchial tubes.

Do not use:

unless a diagnosis of asthma has been made by a doctor, or if you are now taking a prescription monoamine oxidase inhibitr (MAOI) (certain drugs for depression, psychiatric, or emotional conditions, or Parkison's disease) or for 2 weeks after stopping the MAOI drug. If you do not know if your prescription drug contains an MAOI, ask a doctor or pharmacist before taking this product.

Active ingredients:

Ephedrine sulfate 25mg (Bronchodilator and Guaifenesin 400 mg (Expectorant).

Inactive Ingredients:

carnauba wax, corn starch, croscarmellose sodium, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, magnesium trisilicate, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene glycol, povidone, pregelatinized starch.

Ask a doctor before use if you have:

heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes, difficulty in urination due to enlargement of the prostrate gland, ever been hospitalized for asthma or if you are taking a prescription drug for asthma, persistent or chronic cough such as occurs with smoking, asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema, a cough which is accompanied by excessive phlegm (mucus).

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