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Biotek Ephedrine HCL by Biotek

Biotec Ephedrine HCL
Biotek Ephedrine HCL
Biotek Ephedrine HCL is discontinued by manufacturer
Please try Vasopro Ephedrine with the same formula or Pure Ephedrine HCL 25mg (without Guafensein).

Biotek Ephedrine Hydrochloride is considered the most effectively working on provisionally relaxes shortness of breathing, congestion in chest and wheezing because of bronchial asthma. It also relaxes mucus and lean bronchial secretions promoting to drain the bronchial tubes to make cough further productive.

The most effective function of Biotek Ephedrine Hydrochloride is caring the muscle tissues from breaking down. Biotek has specialization on the OTC (over-the-counter) drugs and dietary supplements mainly focusing on the health alert consumers. Biotek has the wide range of products both in OTC drugs and dietary supplements of the best quality prepared under stringent quality assurance meeting to the norms of FDA and DEA regulations.

Usage of Biotek Ephedrine Hcl:

Biotek Ephedrine Hcl specially is formulated to momentary relieving the shortness of breathing in asthma patients who also experiences tightness in chest and wheezing because of bronchial asthma.

Biotek Ephedrine Hcl and Weight Loss

Based on scientific evidence, ephedrine causes weight loss when used in combination with caffeine.

Published scientific papers:

Safety and efficacy of treatment with an ephedrine/caffeine mixture. The first double-blind placebo-controlled pilot study in adolescents.  D Molnar, K Toeroek, E Erhardt, S Jeges - International Journal of Obesity, 2000

Conclusion: According to the present pilot study, ephedrine/caffeine can be a safe and effective compound for the treatment of obesity in adolescents.

The use of ephedrine, ephedrine plus caffeine, or dietary supplements containing ephedra and herbs with caffeine was associated with a statistically significant increase in weight loss over a relatively short time. Both ephedrine plus caffeine and ephedra plus herbs containing caffeine were somewhat more effective than ephedrine alone in promoting weight loss.

The effects on weight loss of synthetic ephedrine plus caffeine and ephedra plus herbs containing caffeine were equivalent: weight loss of approximately 2 pounds/month more than was associated with placebo for up to 4 or 6 months of use. No studies assessed the long-term effects on weight loss; the longest published follow-up was 6 months.

Drug Facts of Biotek Ephedrine Hydrochloride:

The active formulation of the maximum strength preparation of Biotek Ephedrine Hcl contains 25mg Ephedrine Hydrochloride and 200mg Guaifenesin for rapid acting asthma relief.

The Supplement Facts of Biotek Ephedrine Hcl:

The label claim of the drug suggests 1 Capsule and the servings size container is 24 Capsules. The active constituents of the drug are Ephedrine Hydrochloride 25mg efficient as Bronchodilator and Guaifenesin 200mg which is most effective as Expectorant.

Other inactive elements contains: Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Croscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Povidone, Pre-Gelatinized Corn Starch and Stearic Acid.

Direction of use for Biotek Ephedrine Hcl:

The suggested dosage as per the drug label claim for Adults, take I Capsule of Biotek Ephedrine Hcl every 4 hours but should not be exceeded to more than six capsules in 24 hour’s time.

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Warnings of Biotek Ephedrine Hcl:

Some precautionary measures are required to be adhered to properly experiencing the effects of this drug and avoid side effects. The product is not for use by the persons suffering of heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes, or urination problem following enlarged prostate gland and if the person is taking any prescription medicines.
Discontinue taking Biotek Ephedrine Hcl immediately if you don’t experience the symptoms diminishing within 1 hour of taking the drug and consult the doctor on top priority. Also nervousness, sleeplessness, tremor, nausea, loss of appetite, coughs lasting for more than 7 days, fever, rash or headaches could be sign of serious condition of the disease and the authentic medical practitioner is required to be contacted on priority.

Advisory Statement:

Refer the doctor before opting for Biotek Ephedrine Hcl in case if you have: chronic or consistent cough as it develops due to smoking, asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema or cough with excess mucus. The pregnant or nursing women are recommended NOT to use this drug. The drug should be kept out of reach of children.
Rush for the professional poison control / medical assistance immediately if any over dose is taken of this drug. The patients using anti-depressant or psychotropic drugs like Mono Ammine Oxidase Inhibitor or medication for Parkinson’s disease should not take this drug without consulting their doctors.

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